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Innovation in esthetic medicine: smile and occlusive corrections

ID: 2020-05-5-T-19196
ФГБОУ ВО Саратовский ГМУ им. В.И. Разумовского Минздрава России

Innovation in esthetic medicine: smile and occlusive corrections

Пшихачева Э.А

ФГБОУ ВО Саратовский ГМУ им. В.И. Разумовского Минздрава России

Кафедра иностранных языков

Научный руководитель: ст.преподаватель Чижова М.Е

The aim of the work is to pay attention to the new method in orthodontic dentistry and esthetic medicine. It seems strange but problems with teeth generally influence patient’s health. Esthetic problems with teeth lead to reduce of self-esteem and problems with bite lead to problems with digestive system at all. Dentists should realize all the importance of getting braces nowadays. The one of main goals of dentists is to find the most effective way to correct patient’s bite with the lowest discomfort during the treatment. It is difficult to perform is due to prevalence of using usual metal bracers in the overwhelming majority of dental clinics. There are many researches of effectiveness of different types of braces.   

There is one of the most interesting but underestimated new program is called Invisalign SmileView. This program is working to provide patients the most comfortable and effective treatment. People worry about their discoloration of teeth and tooth decay after removing braces and difficulties with cleaning of teeth and eating. All these problems are solved with Invisalign.

Bearing in mind the duration of treatment with orthodontic configurations it is necessary to mention that patients need their dentist meet the requirements. They include excellent correction of bite, esthetic qualities, comfort and it also must go through clinical trials.

The program of Invisalign complies with all the mentioned requirements. People got a new transparent construction which is individually manufactured with exact calculation to gradually shift teeth into place. Patients do not feel any discomfort and difficulties as it is with the common metal braces.          

Conclusion. Invisaglin is getting wide-spread application in orthodontic practice due to its advantages over metal braces and becoming the most effective and prospective technology in correction of bite.

Key words: bite, occlusion, esthetic medicine, orthodontic practice.

Новая технология исправления прикуса Invisalign имеет ряд преимуществ перед металлическими брекетами.  С дальнейшим развитием стоматологии технология Invisalign будет внедряться в большее количество стоматологических клиник, что приведет к общему улучшению качества ортодонтического лечения и развитию методов эстетической медицины.

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Innovation in esthetic medicine: smile and occlusive corrections
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