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Ethical principles of medical secrecy

ID: 2014-05-27-T-3535
ГБОУ ВПО Саратовский ГМУ им. В.И. Разумовского Минздрава РФ

Научный руководитель: Определеннова О.В.

ГБОУ ВПО Саратовский ГМУ им. В.И. Разумовского Минздрава РФ, Кафедра иностранных языков

В данной работе обсуждаются этические аспекты неразглашения врачебной тайны.

Lots of people having any kind of a disease do not hurry to consult a doctor because they hesitate of their sickness. The fear destroys desire to consult. People often try to hide the fact that they are ill. In fact, they are afraid that it becomes known to wide range of people. Sometimes these delays make unpleasant and serious effects on our health. Therefore, you should not be afraid of telling about your problem to a specialist.

However, any doctor has some important duties. He has to keep in secret all information, the patient has told him. Respect of medical secrecy is guaranteed by the law. If a doctor discloses personal information of a patient, he will be punished.

Nevertheless, doctors do it not only because of the law but because conscience orders so. People seeking for medical assistance tell doctors about their problems and hope for privacy. In this case the contact between a doctor and a patient occurs. As a result the patient’s confidence to the doctor increases, hope for help and recovery becomes stronger and, finally, all these make positive impact on patient’s state. Although, when a doctor has a reputation of a “chatterer” the confidence disappears and, as a result, it is reflected on the treatment and recovery. However, exchange of information during rehearing medical care by expects is not violation of medical secrecy. In fact, the person having reached fifteen years decides independently all problems about disclosure of his or her private data. In other cases parents make decisions instead of minors.

Although, there is a number of cases when a doctor has to publish the certain information about the patient. The law contains some situations in which information concealment can do harm to the population or environment of our planet. For example, when investigations or judicial proceedings are made; when they assume that harm to health was caused due to illegal actions. 

A citizen or his lawful representative allows transfer of personal or intimate data only according to the written agreement. When a patient gives the written consent, he allows using information, which is medical secrecy, for publication in scientific and educational literature and for carrying out scientific researches. However, the users of these data try to report minimum of it to avoid recognition.

To sum up, medical secrecy, as obligatory part of medical activity, is one of the most important principles of deontology and medical ethics. The doctor is responsible for life of a patient. He has to be able to save life and keep the patient’s confidence. This profession is one of the most difficult and honourable. 

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