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Control and prevention of human plague

ID: 2015-05-27-T-4592
ГБОУ ВПО СГМУ им. В.И. Разумовского

Control and prevention of human plague

Рзаева Т.Ш.

Научный руководитель: Чижова М.Е.

ГБОУ ВПО Саратовский ГМУ им. В.И.Разумовского Минздрава РФ

Кафедра иностранных языков

The main objective of the work is to determine plague as an epidemic disease. Plague is an acute bacterial infection of a man.

1).The war against plague: there are four players involved in initiating and maintaining plague among human population viz. a flea, a rodent, a bacillus and man. Theoretically, the transmission of the disease can be stopped if any one of these player is effectively managed. 2).Control of fleas: There are at least 31 fleas which are proven vector of plague. If fleas can be destroyed, bubonic plague cannot be spread, so flea destruction by insecticide is the essential process in stopping the spread. A flea index should be established and monitored. Flea indices do not in themselves indicate an imminent plague epidemic. They serve as a warning that more stringent control measures are needed to protect human beings. During epidemic when insecticidal spray is done, the flea index should drop to zero within 48 hours of application. Health personnel working in plague epidemic area should  protect themselves against the insect bite by dusting their legs with insecticides or by application of insect repellant added protection against insect bite.3).Control of rodents: Plague is a disease of rodents which man can get due to this proximity to the rodents.  Any measure which will keep them apart will reduce the risk of human plague. Attempt to destroy the rodents in the wild is doomed to fail because the nature restores the ecological balance fairly rapidly. 

General sanitation: Fumigation is an effective method for destroying both rat and flea. Apart from rodents a number of mammals may be infected with Yersinia pestis. Dogs may become infected without any sign of illness. Cats suffer from plague and die. 

The following conclusion must be drawn. Compliance with the basic rules of hygiene helps avoid the plague.

Регуляция и профилактика эпидемии человеческой чумы

Чума является острой бактериальной инфекцией человека. Существует четыре фактора, участвующих в инициации человеческой чумы: блоха, грызун, бацилла и человек. Комплексный подход является наиболее эффективной мерой. Соблюдение элементарных правил гигиены позволит избежать эпидемии чумы.  

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победа над чумой
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