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The quantum medicine

ID: 2015-12-4271-T-5661
ГБОУ ВПО Саратовский ГМУ им. В.И.Разумовского Минздрава России

“The quantum medicine”
Druzhkina K.A.
Scientific supervisor Parashchenko-Korneychuk L.N.
Saratov State Medical University named after Razumovsky
 English language department

In the 21st century, the quantum medicine is the most widely used in the field of science. So ,what is it?

A branch of the Moscow Energy Institute in cooperation with the Moscow Medical Dental Institute. N. Semashko was created device-MILTA, that combines exposure to electromagnetic fields with the laser and infrared radiation, is already well established in the treatment of various diseases. Today, MIL-therapy is used in more than 6,000 medical institutions in Russia and abroad, as well as in Sweden, Israel, Egypt, Canada, China, Portugal. MILTA device used to treat patients with chronic stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers, pancreatitis, pyelonephritis, for the treatment of coronary heart disease, as well as for the treatment of patients with bronchial asthma, atherosclerosis. In all cases, use of the device gave positive results. These examples are more than enough. Many doctors today recommend MIL-therapy for the treatment of adults and children in combination with traditional media or separately, if the process has not gone too far. There are people for whom the MIL-therapy is a rescue, it helps them, even without the traditional medicines and treatments. Quantum Medicine is a new method of treatment, which still needs work, but it brings significant results.

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