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Achievements of young scientists: Theodore Maiman - the laser's creator

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Achievements of young scientists: Theodore Maiman - the laser's creator

                           T.M. Gireeva, M.K. Katieva, E.V. Chernyshkova

 The most common definition of medicine is as a system of scientific knowledge and practice which aims to strengthen and preserve people's health and prolong their lives. To achieve these purposes people invented, conducted experiments, made all kinds of discoveries.

Almost every year scientists around the world surprise us by their unique developments. And one of these famous developers is Theodore Maiman - the creator of the first optical maser-laser.

Being only 33 years old,  Theodore did a lot of research and hard work to develop this unique instrument which later made the young scientist famous. T. Maiman was born in Los-Angeles, the son of an engineer and inventor. In 1949  he graduated from the University of Colorado and received a bachelor's degree in engineering physics.  After that he entered Stanford University,  where in 1951 he received a master's degree and later, in 1955 – a PhD in physics.
In 1960 T. Maiman demonstrated the first laser. In his work he used a crystal of artificial ruby. His laser worked in an impulse regimen. Maiman who made the first laser won in the competition, which was attended by many of the best players of the time, such as Bell labs, Lincoln labs, RCA labs.

The invention of a young scientist did not remain in the past. It is also very often used nowadays.Today, laser is really of great importance all over the world. People often need a wide variety of laser surgery and doctors immediately provide them effective assistance by laser action, so its importance could not be overestimated. 

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Achievements of young scientists
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